Special Kitten Given a Second Chance Can't Stop Cuddling

Special Kitten Given a Second Chance Can't Stop Cuddling


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A tiny kitten who was given a second chance at life, fell asleep in the vet's pocket, purring away.

His name is Roger, and he's quite special.

Kern County Animal Services

Roger came to the Kern County Animal Services as a miniature little kitten with an eye infection and a noticeable enlarged head.

Despite his condition, the little ball of fur doesn't let anything slow him down.

"He tackles life and gets stronger everyday!"

Dr. Arnold treated the little buddy's eyes and gave him a lot of TLC before sending him to a foster home where he would be loved and spoiled.

Kern County Animal Services

Roger has a slightly enlarged head due to a condition called Hydrocephalus. Just like Zeke the cat, Roger loves life to the fullest and isn't bothered by his disability.

Little Roger cuddling with his foster mom, feeling loved.

Kern County Animal Services

"This little guy came into the shelter tiny... but Roger isn't letting any of that slow him down! He's in foster care getting stronger everyday."

Look at that face!

Kern County Animal Services

A foster home makes a big difference for kitties like Roger. It gives them the space they need to run around which is important for their physical and mental wellbeing.

A loving home and humans help them grow and learn to socialize, and give them a higher chance of getting adopted.

Kern County Animal Services

To Roger, he is happy to have someone to cuddle and snuggle with.

Kern County Animal Services

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