Special Needs Kitty Learns to Walk on Her Own Despite Her Limitations


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Tumbelina is a very special kitty. She has the will to move and run but not the ability, but that doesn’t stop her. Now she is learning how to get around despite her limitations thanks to a specially designed wheelchair.

Tumbelina has cerebellar hypoplasia according to Valley Cats Inc in Woodland Hills. The rescue organization saved Tumbelina from being put down.

Now she's given a chance to move and walk around on her own thanks to the 4-wheel buggy. The next step is to find Timbelina a forever loving home.

Meet Tumbelina. She's a very special cat who has the will to move but not the ability.

She has cerebellar hypoplasia but it does't stop her.

They are determined to help Tumbelina walk on her own.

They custom designed a 4-wheel chair for Tumberlina

The four-wheel buggy will allow Tumbelina to propel herself forward without the help and support of her caregivers.


The next step is to find Tumbelina a forever loving home.

Source: KTLA5.

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