Story of Kiwi the Little Calico Cat

Story of Kiwi the Little Calico Cat


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Jean is an animal rescuer from Minnesota who has had a lifelong passion for critters. She's rescued many strays in her neighborhood. Vidalia, a stray, was found when she was very pregnant. "She warmed up after 24 hours and has been a phenomenal addition to the family. What an incredibly even-tempered critter who dotes on everyone, our dog included." Vidalia gave birth to six kittens. One of them is Kiwi.

"Little Kiwi is a calico kitten born on 9/22/09. She is an adorable little girl with a raspy voice. She's only been back with us a few weeks as her adoptive family lost their house. They are looking for a pet-friendly apartment so they can take her back."

"She's a playful, loving girl with a strong preference for females over males (her family is a single mom, a devoted little girl who adores her, and a pleasant, young boy exuding incredible amounts of energy in short. . . unpredictable in a kitten's eye)."

"Kiwi is active, and she definitely eats to live as opposed to lives to eat. She loves chasing others around the house, and is just now learning that water can drip from faucets."

"We are building a feral feeding station in our backyard (my husband is helping). Hopefully we will be able to TNR more to keep down the numbers."

Photos courtesy of ©Jean (flickr: wee3beasties). See more photos of Kiwi, visit her photo album.

"Let's wrestle!"

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