Stray Cat Mama Found Home for Her Family of 8

Stray Cat Mama Found Home for Her Family of 8


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A fluffy cat turned up on a family's door step early this May. She was demanding for food, but what the the family didn't know was that the next time she returned, she came back with seven kittens.

"She was undernourished, and we could not get close to her. After a week or so, we started feeding her. She was still scared when accepting food," said Niko.

"On the 9th of June, she gave birth to eight kittens, one of which did not make it. We could not get close to her while she was giving birth, and we do not know what happened. After the kittens were born, she became ever so calm and attention-seeking. Now she wants to be stroked all the time."

The kittens are around 3 months old now and are absolute joy in Niko's family. They love to nap on their humans lap and sometimes all seven of them would snuggle on the lap together.

Thanks ©Niko (flickr: Niko S90) for caring for the furry family. At the end of the day, they always go back to their mom and nuzzle in for some noms:

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