Stray Kitten So Terrified Until Boy Shows Him Love and Saves His Life

Stray Kitten So Terrified Until Boy Shows Him Love and Saves His Life


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A stray kitten was hiding under a car too scared to come out. A boy came to his aid and offered food and love.


A boy spotted a very skittish stray kitten hiding under a car. Knowing the kitty needed help, the boy got some food that he could find and a bottle of water, hoping it would help earn the kitty's trust.

The ginger cat was so hungry that he couldn't resist the food. Though still terrified, he hesitantly crawled out from under the car and went towards the food. It was then they realized how skinny the cat was.

While the kitty was eating, the kind-hearted boy gently petted him on his head, trying to tell the little feline that he was there to help.


The kitty flinched away for a second but as the boy continued to pet him, the kitty felt love and comfort that he had never felt before.

Then this happened...


The frightened kitten who was terrified, hiding under the car, snuggled up the boy's legs with his tail up in the air.

Watch the full video here:

They took him off the street and gave him a place to call home.


Happy and loved!


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