'Unwanted' Ginger Cat Becomes Guardian to Boy, His Human for Life...


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A ginger cat named Larry was 'unwanted' by his previous owners, but when he met Abel, his little brother, at his new home, he became his guardian angel and best friend for life.

Photo by Michelle @maluotto

Michelle, Abel's mother, had always wanted an orange cat. When she heard about Larry who was in desperate need of a loving home, she offered to take him.

"When a friend's vet needed to get rid of two year old Larry for breaking into their food supply cabinet, I didn't hesitate to adopt him," Michelle said. "He was every bit as wonderful as people had always told me orange cats were."

"From the minute Abel came home Larry was in love. Abel's first smiles and giggles were often due to Larry."

Photo by Michelle @maluotto

"At 9 months Abel's very first word was 'Yarry'. When Abel cries Larry runs over to comfort him.

"Abel makes sure Larry is with him when he moves from one room to another. Larry tolerates more than I'd ever imagined a cat could or would tolerate."

Photo by Michelle @maluotto

From the very beginning, the two were bonded friends.

Larry adores his human brother and wouldn't leave him out of sight.

Photo by Michelle @maluotto

They are always cuddling.

Larry purrs up a storm, when he snuggles with his best friend.

Photo by Michelle @maluotto

Abel helps care for his pal, Larry.

Larry loves it when he gets brushed.

Photo by Michelle @maluotto

Abel loves to read stories to Larry, and the ginger boy is a wonderful listener.

Photo by Michelle @maluotto

Larry keeps his buddy company at all times.

Photo by Michelle @maluotto

They play together, watch TV together and always have each other.

Photo by Michelle @maluotto

"We've had lots of great cats but this cat is truly special!"

Best of friends!

Photo by Michelle @maluotto

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