Tiny Ginger Kitten Found in Woods Without a Mom, Now Two Years Later.


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A family found a little kitten alone in the woods without a mother. The next thing they knew, they were on their way home with a new kitty, who had stolen their hearts.

Meet Liza! First day home!

Photo by anck

A tiny ginger kitten was lost in the woods, wandering around meowing for her mom.

"She was just about 3-4 weeks old when we found her abandoned in the woods alone, no water, no food, no sight of her momma or any siblings," reddit user anck told Love Meow.

"So we brought her home, took her to a vet, she turned out to be completely healthy. Then we did the de-worm and all the shots."

Photo by anck

"She might have been thrown away by some people or maybe a stray cat had a litter in the woods but we figure that's unlikely because Liza was all alone."

Liza cuddling with her rescuer.

Photo by anck

"She's been a wonderful family member since day one (except when she was teething & destroyed 3 pairs of expensive headphones!

"No regrets, found the love of my life!"

Photo by anck

She falls asleep on her humans' clothes.

The little ginger, who was found without a mom, now has a big family that loves her to bits.

Photo by anck

It didn't take long for Liza's personality to show.

She's a ginger girl, full of quirks!

Photo by anck

Two years later! All grown up now!

Photo by anck

What a gorgeous kitty she's become!

Photo by anck


Photo by anck

What a second chance at life can do.

Photo by anck

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