Man Rescues Fearful Ginger Kittens. What a Difference an Afternoon Can Make!

Man Rescues Fearful Ginger Kittens. What a Difference an Afternoon Can Make!


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A man rescued two fearful ginger kittens and turned them around with love.

Meet Hunter and Zissou!

Photo: TDX

They were just 5 weeks old when reddit user TDX found them wandering around on their own. The two feline brothers only had each other to fend for themselves.

As a rescuer and fosterer of Cat Cuddle Cafe Brisbane (rescue group in Brisbane, Australia), he set out traps in hopes to bring the kittens to a safe place where they could be tamed.

The kittens were in absolute fear when they saw their rescuer for the first time. The ginger boys had very little human contact before then, and were hissing in tandem nonstop while trying to hide in the corner of the crate.

"Taming them took the best part of an afternoon (and half that time to fall hopelessly in love with them)," he said.

Photo: TDX

All it took was patience, love and lots of cuddles, and the kittens came around that afternoon and let out their first purr.

"'Forced cuddles' is the preferred method in our rescue group. If they're real scaredy cats, then get them in your lap and keep them there for long cuddle sessions, and do this several times a day at first. Eventually they realize that cuddles aren't such a bad thing."

Photo: TDX

After they were taken off the street, the kitties learned to trust and love, and completely and utterly stole their human's heart.

The fluffy boys love their first ever kitty bed and any soft things they touch :).

Photo: TDX

The ginger brothers grew by leaps and bounds.

They do everything together and are partners in crime. The boys share an inseparable bond.

Photo: TDX

A few months later, they filled up their cat condo as they blossomed into beautiful fully grown cats.

Hunter and Zissou are fascinated by the red dot.

Photo: TDX

Their humans showed them how to cuddle on day one, and it's been their favorite thing to do ever since.

He lays himself in his human's lap and falls asleep within a few seconds.

Photo: TDX

Hunter and Zissou were scared and hungry when they were rescued, but now they run the house like they own it, and claim their humans' laps as their favorite beds.

"I found these guys living out on the street, and now they're all mine!"

Photo: TDX

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