They Saved Sweet Ginger Cat, 10 Days Later She Brought Them Four Little Mini Mes

They Saved Sweet Ginger Cat, 10 Days Later She Brought Them Four Little Mini Mes


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A sweet ginger cat came to the shelter with a big belly. 10 days later, she gave birth to four tiny mini mes.

Meet Sam the cat!

Courtesy: Kristi Bellis @whiskersnpurrs

Sam was surrendered to a rescue group just days before her labor. She came from a home with an over-abundance of unaltered cats that were rescued by the organization.

In less than two weeks, Sam brought four tiny bitty fur balls into this world. "She gave birth 10 days after being surrendered and arriving into my foster care," Kristi Bellis @whiskersnpurrs told Love Meow.

They are all gingers and look like the mini version of mama Sam.

Sam is very skinny but continues to nurse and provide care. This is likely not her first litter as she shows signs of depletion, but it will be her last.

Courtesy: Kristi Bellis @whiskersnpurrs

Mama Sam needs to recover and surely deserves some time to relax. Kristi has stepped in to help so mama can get the rest and nutrition that she desperately needed.

The four ginger kittens are all boys. They are healthy and very squirmy.

Courtesy: Kristi Bellis @whiskersnpurrs

Rudy is the biggest kitty of the bunch.

"Their differences are very subtle. Rudy is the most obvious because of his size, and his ginger is slightly darker. The other three I tell apart by the slight variation in the stripes on their backs," Kristi said.

Courtesy: Kristi Bellis @whiskersnpurrs

When the kittens' eyes opened, they began to explore in every nook and cranny they could find.

Mama Sam doesn't mind her kittens rolling all over her. At times they make great pillows for mama to lean on.

Courtesy: Kristi Bellis @whiskersnpurrs

"She will be done mothering and will be grateful to leave the nest," Kristi said.

"We will find her a good home where she can relax, be herself, allow her body to recover, and begin her new life as a carefree, loved and pampered cat. She deserves that."

Courtesy: Kristi Bellis @whiskersnpurrs

"Mama Sam's story is why we MUST spay and neuter our pets."

Fostering is a wonderful way to help rescued animals like mama Sam, so they can get a second chance at life that they so deserve.

Courtesy: Kristi Bellis @whiskersnpurrs

The ginger boys are growing fast and their personalities have blossomed.

When you have four gingers in the house, many antics are bound to happen. Ginger kitties are known to be extra mischievous. It's in their genes.

Courtesy: Kristi Bellis @whiskersnpurrs

"Just look at these little bobble heads."

Courtesy: Kristi Bellis @whiskersnpurrs

Sweet mama Sam and her squirmy babies.

Trying to use the litter box.

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