Street Kitten Holds onto His Rescuer Meowing for Love

Street Kitten Holds onto His Rescuer Meowing for Love


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A tiny kitten was wandering outside on the street meowing on top of his lungs. When a young woman saw him, he walked up to her and tried to grab her hand.

Courtesy of Steff J/YouTube

"His loud crying is what made me go outside, then I saw him, he saw me, and came towards me," Steff J told Love meow.

She couldn't find the kitten's cat mama or siblings. "Most likely this one wandered off since he was at the stage where he could walk, but wasn't very good at it."

She named him Sirius.

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When the kitten held onto her hand, she knew she had to save him. (watch video)

Steff brought the kitten into her house and realized how infested he was with fleas. The kitten was very tiny but meowing aloud. He was hungry, so Steff watered down some canned food to help the kitten get it down.

Watch the video here:

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Steff gave the kitten a very needed bath. The poor thing was so infested with fleas that the bath water tinted red.

Courtesy of Steff J/YouTube

Napping next to his human mom after a full meal and a warm bath.

Courtesy of Steff J/YouTube

Sometimes he fell asleep on his human's shoulder :).

Courtesy of Steff J/YouTube

Sirius grew so much in just a month!

Courtesy of Steff J/YouTube

When he was rescued...

Courtesy of Steff J/Instagram

A month later! "He is going amazing! So full of life and energy!" Steff told Love Meow.

Courtesy of Steff J/YouTube
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