The Great Kitty Rescue

The Great Kitty Rescue


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Last time Troy Snow, an animal rescuer and a very talented photographer, shared with us many amazing photos of feral cats. Each of them tells a story. Today we are looking into this one cat sanctuary named Flock Sanctuary located in Pahrump, Nevada. Troy went down there to document the conditions of the cats in this barren location. Flock Sanctuary no longer exists. BestFriends rescued all these cats and a lot of them have been re-homed.

FLOCK was charged with one of the worst cases of institutional animal hoarding ever in the United States. However, their case was dismissed citing a technicality. You can help tell their district attorney to prosecute this case fully, click here.

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"It's being called "The Great Kitty Rescue". I can't even begin to describe what it was like down there. I was losing faith in human kind, to think that something like this could ever be allowed to happen. Then, the volunteers started showing up. And then more volunteers.... They just kept coming. From all over the country, people where dropping everything, taking vacation, and driving to Pahrump to help these cats... It still amazes me to think of all the beauty that came out of this ugliness... There's no way I could ever give you all the credit you deserve, so I'll just say THANK YOU for all you've done.  You turned the ugliest situation I've ever witnessed in the greatest kitty rescue ever!" - Troy Snow

You can read the entire long saga of the Great Kitty Rescue here.

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