The Manx Cat

The Manx Cat


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There are a few breeds that have short tails or even no tail. One of them is called the Manx.

The Manx originated from the Isle of Man in the 1700s. The natives believe that the Manx came from the Far East long time ago. According to legend, the cats went on a Spanish ship named Armada. When it was near the Isle of Man, the cats escaped from the ship and swam ashore where they found new settlement on the island.

The cause of their tail-less feature has to do with a naturally occurring mutation. In terms of breeding, mating two tail-less cats together can be fatal to the kittens. Most of kittens born with two tail-less parents would not survive due to a list of severe health problems as a result to their spinal cord damage. However, this can be avoided if breeders do not combine two tail-less Manxes together.

There are many legends that go about explaining why Manxes do not have tail. One of them is about Noah's ark. A Manx was distracted playing outside, and almost forgot to get on the ark. When Noah was closing the door of the ark because the rain started pouring down, the cat realized he was not in the boat yet, so dashing back to the ark. Most of his body made it inside except his tail that was cut off by the door.

The Manx has longer hind legs than front legs. Their ears are generally smaller than other breeds and their heads are round.


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