The Oldest Living Cat - Spike


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The world's oldest living cat was documented in the Guinness Book of Records back in 1999 when a British ginger and white male cat was 29 years old. Spike continued to live and thrive until July, 2001, he passed at the old age of 31 which is approximately 140 years old in human years. Though many veterinarians may disagree such animal and human age conversion, it is no doubt that Spike lived an unusally long life.

Spike was owned by an aromatherapist from Dorset, England. His diet consisted of a regular diet of fish and cat food. In order to prevent arthritis and rheumatism, Spike was given an aloe vera mixture to fortify his body against those diseases.

When he was 19, he almost lost his life to a Rottweiler's attack. The Rottweiler bit him in the throat which caused infection and almost ended his life. However, Spike recovered from the terrible wound and became the most famous living cat in Britian.

Spike is not the oldest cat that ever lived. According to the Guinness Book, the oldest cat is a British female cat that died at the old age of 34 back in 1957.



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