Theodora, the Recycled Kitty.

Theodora, the Recycled Kitty.


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This is Theodora.

@theodora_thecat on Instagram

Theodora was found at our loycal recycling center, which is next door to a pound. There are other feral cats at the center,but Theodora was the one who caught our eyes. She seemed to love people, and would come up to the men who worked there and ask to be petted. The other feral cats would run away as soon as you approached them, but Theodora was different.

Theodora had been left there by her previous owner, she had already been declawed and neutered. We also noticed she was extremely skinny, and had a little cut on her right ear. If it weren't for the men who worked there, who feed her scraps from their lunch boxes, and the two ladies who always left cat food for the feral kitties, Theodora would probably not have made it through the winter.

Today, Theodora is thriving. She loves her kitty treats and sleeps on the pillow next to mine every night.

She loves to watch TV.

@theodora_thecat on Instagram

Likes to play Hide-n-Seek.

@theodora_thecat on Instagram

And loves posing for pictures.

She has definitely stolen my heart.

You can follow her adventures on Instagram @theodora_thecat.

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