This Cat Has the Most Beautiful and Magical Eyes!


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These are some of the most beautiful and magical eyes I have ever seen.

Photo: imgur

This gorgeous kitty has eyes where each has two different colors, a condition referred to as sectoral heterochromia, where the iris contains two completely different colors in the same area. This is unlike typical odd-eyed cats who have complete heterochromia, where one iris is a different color from the other.

Cats with heterochromia are usually white or white-spotted. These kitties are undoubtedly some of the most fascinating-looking creatures on the planet!

Photo: imgur
Photo: imgur
Photo: imgur

Many other kitties also share the same condition. Here are a few more!

It looks as if there's a universe in her eyes.


Mia the cat and her beautiful eyes!

Courtesy of Kurt Rimkus

"Met this little guy on a walk with my mom and thought his eyes worth recording," Rudy T shared.

Courtesy of Ruby T.

Celes and her gorgeous eyes!

imgur @sabisflawless

This cat has both complete and sectoral heterochromia!


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