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This Cat Has a Pair of Magical Eyes and Wears Glorious Fluff


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This fluffy Napoleon kitty has a pair of pretty intense eyes. They look magical!

It's hard to believe this ball of fluff weighs only 5 lbs. "She is a very small and light weight cat," Cristina told Love Meow.

Her thick coat makes up most of her size. When the wind ruffles through her hair, it waves majestically in the breeze. With the light shining upon her deep orange eyes, it's pure magic! (More info: reddit)

Meet Amy the cat!

Courtesy of Cristina

She has a pair of pretty magical eyes!

"What a fluffy eye of Sauron would look like," Cristina said.

Courtesy of Cristina

When she takes a walk with her human on a sunny day, her eyes look as if she can see through the universe.

Courtesy of Cristina

When she comes home under a different light, she looks royal and majestic!

Courtesy of Cristina

She may be small in stature, but she's quite a skilled fetcher.

Courtesy of Cristina

When the wind hits her coat, it moves in a glorious way.

Courtesy of Cristina

Courtesy of Cristina

She has a human mom who loves her to bits!

Courtesy of Cristina

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