Cat With Permanent Worried Eyes Uses His Charm to Melt Your Heart in These Photos!


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This 5-year old kitty has mastered the craft of heart melting. He has an innate talent unlike others.

Meet Luhu!

Maggie Liu @lanlan731

Luhu was gifted with a pair of permanent worried eyes that charm anyone he encounters. Whenever he wants something, he gets it. All he needs to do is look into his human's eyes. No one stands a chance!

"He just has a special sad face not sad inside," Maggie Liu, Luhu's human mom, said.

The adorable feline lives with two other older cats, Barher and Bardie, and he is the only one with those sad worried eyes.

He surely knows how to pull our heart strings!

Maggie Liu @lanlan731

When Luhu examines his human's bed...

"I'm afraid this is not soft enough!"

Maggie Liu @lanlan731

"I need an umbrella to protect me."

Maggie Liu @lanlan731

"Treats please!"

Maggie Liu @lanlan731

Luhu is the only kitty in his family with sad worried eyes.

Maggie Liu @lanlan731

Sun bathing...

Maggie Liu @lanlan731

"I don't want mom to get up."

Maggie Liu @lanlan731

"I wonder about the meaning of life...."

Maggie Liu @lanlan731

"Privacy... what a peculiar thing."

Maggie Liu @lanlan731

"My birthday... I feel the love."

Maggie Liu @lanlan731

"I love this post so much!"

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