Calico Cat Judges Her Human Everyday with Those Crazy Eyebrows.. (10+ Photos)


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This calico kitty has quite the personality. She judges her human everyday with her incredible looking eyebrows.

Meet Lilly the cat!

Courtesy: @lilly_crazyeyes

The beautiful calico was found on the streets of New Jersey, and came to her forever home when she was four months old. She was born with a pair of piercing eyes and a ton of cattitude.

"She is very energetic and makes funny expressions with her eyes and face, especially when she is playing," Lilly's human (@lilly_crazyeyes) told Love Meow. "She loves to cuddle and follows me around most days!"

Those unique eyebrows give Lilly the whole gamut of interesting looks and a larger-than-life personality. She's the queen of the house, and gets very vocal when she demands food.

Lilly runs the house like a boss.

Courtesy: @lilly_crazyeyes

When she decides to chill in the sink, her human must wait.

Courtesy: @lilly_crazyeyes

Lilly contemplating about life.

Courtesy: @lilly_crazyeyes

The little supurrvisor monitors her humans by the dining table every time they eat.

Courtesy: @lilly_crazyeyes

There's no such thing as privacy in the bathroom.

Courtesy: @lilly_crazyeyes

The queen deserves the biggest chair in the house because supervising is hard work.

Courtesy: @lilly_crazyeyes

On a normal day, Lilly loves to watch birds and people go by and enjoys the little things in life.

Lilly tells her human that bathing in a tub full of water is a terrible idea.

"Don't do it!"

Courtesy: @lilly_crazyeyes

"This is my bed, but we can snuggle!"

Courtesy: @lilly_crazyeyes

Waking up in the morning...

Courtesy: @lilly_crazyeyes

"Belly rubs meow!"

Courtesy: @lilly_crazyeyes

Lilly trying to 'help' put dishes away...

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