Orphaned Kitten Saved by Woman, Who is a Survivor Just Like Her

Orphaned Kitten Saved by Woman, Who is a Survivor Just Like Her


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A tiny orphaned kitten survived against all odds found her forever loving home with a person who is also a survivor.

Meet Kesha!

Courtesy: Laramie Evans

"She is a rescue kitten. Mommy and litter mates did not make it so I am her new 'mommy'," Laramie Evans told Love Meow.

"I am a 6-time brain cancer survivor so I'm disabled (I was a nurse). Kesha has been a perfect distraction for me! Things seem to work out how they are supposed to."

The tiny calico was found near an office barely alive, but her sheer will to live was so strong that she was the only one of her litter that pulled through.

Courtesy: Laramie Evans

Evans nursed her back to health and became the mother she never had.

Just like Kesha, Evans is a survivor herself.

Courtesy: Laramie Evans

She has been battling back and forth with brain cancer for seven years.

"My life, although amazing, can sometimes become mundane and lack a lot of variety simply because of my health. Kesha gave me someone to focus on. She keeps me busy and makes me laugh," Evans told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Laramie Evans

"Kesha loves to 'army crawl' slowly out of her little bed (that I put up next to me any time I'm awake) until she has found me," Evans told Love Meow.

"I miss being a nurse and it's wonderful to care for my little angel."

Little Kesha thrived and grew by leaps and bounds. Now she can fill up the entire sink in the bathroom.

Courtesy: Laramie Evans

Half a year after they found each other...

"Kesha still thinks she's that tiny little baby we found 6.5 months ago. She climbs up on my chest/shoulder multiple times day and night to snuggle and suck on her foot. It's her security thing."

Courtesy: Laramie Evans

"The vet said orphaned babies who aren't weaned by a momma cat do this sometimes and she probably will the rest of her life.

"She only does it with me," Evans said.

Courtesy: Laramie Evans

"She's 7 months old today and to think, our first vet warned us that she most likely would not make it. She's a little fighter, just like me."

Little Kesha then and now!

Courtesy: Laramie Evans

What a second chance can do!

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