Rescue Ginger Turns His Disability into Happiness and Smiles


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A rescue ginger cat turns his disability into happiness and just keeps smiling every day!

Meet Neuro Dan the miracle kitty!

Photo: Neuro Dan - Feather Dan

This beautiful cat was saved from a hoarding situation where he was severely neglected. After he was taken into the shelter, as a special needs cat, his future was looking rather grim.

A rescue group learned about his story and pulled him out of the shelter and gave him a second chance at life. Misfit Critter Farm & Sanctuary worked very hard and found him a forever home in Georgia.

He hasn't stopped smiling ever since.

Photo: Neuro Dan - Feather Dan

Dan has some neurological problems that affect him from the middle of his spine forward, but nothing can stop him from loving life.

He may sit a bit funny but he is doing the best he can. The adorable ginger boy loves to play, especially with feather toys.

Photo: Neuro Dan - Feather Dan

His forever humans give him treatment to help him move around better. The kitty has an amazing family that loves him and a community of cat lovers that care about him.

Photo: Neuro Dan - Feather Dan

The little things in life make him the happiest kitty in the world despite his disability.

Neuro Dan's love for feathers is unparalleled.

Photo: Neuro Dan - Feather Dan

Doctors once said he wouldn't last for two years, but the kitty proved them wrong. Not only did he thrive in his forever home, but also made incredible progress.

Dan turned two this May, and is still going strong.

Photo: Neuro Dan - Feather Dan

Play time always brings a big smile to his face.

Photo: Neuro Dan - Feather Dan

He's so happy and incredibly grateful.

Photo: Neuro Dan - Feather Dan

"Can we play again?"

Photo: Neuro Dan - Feather Dan

Neuro Dan puts on a smile every day to tell the world that his life is so worth living.

"Love works. Perseverance works. And with the right cattitude we can do anything!"

Photo: Neuro Dan - Feather Dan

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