Cat Becomes Snaggletoothed As He Grows Up


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This cat from Moscow surprises his humans with a pair of adorable snaggleteeth as he grows into a handsome cat.

Meet Yantar!

Courtesy: yantar_thecat

When Yantar met his humans, Elena and Paul, he jumped on a table and sat near them, trying to get their attention. "So he chose us then," Elena told Love Meow.

He has a pair of snaggleteeth that give him a unique look.

But when they first met, those adorable teeth hadn't grown out yet.

Courtesy: yantar_thecat

"He is a very smart cat. The day after we took him home, he started exploring around the flat. He's very curious and has to know what we are doing or making," Elena told Love Meow.

Courtesy: yantar_thecat

Yantar loves to keep his humans company at all time.

"When I cook, he stays in the kitchen to watch."

Courtesy: yantar_thecat

Yantar is very vocal about his feelings and talks to his humans in various meows, depending on his mood.

Courtesy: yantar_thecat

When the sun rises, he wakes up Elena by gently touching her face with his paw.

"He looks at me attentively like he's saying, 'It's time to eat. Let's go to the kitchen!"

Courtesy: yantar_thecat

When his humans are in the bathroom, he demands to get in and wouldn't take no for an answer.

Courtesy: yantar_thecat

They can never eat without Yantar supervising and making sure everyone wastes no food.

Courtesy: yantar_thecat

This is his chair now.

Courtesy: yantar_thecat

Sometimes he gives his humans love nips with those adorable little snaggleteeth.

"It's a way for him to show his affection."

Courtesy: yantar_thecat

Yantar the boss!

Courtesy: yantar_thecat

When he was a kitten...

All grown up now!

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