Three Kittens Rescued from Landfill

Three Kittens Rescued from Landfill


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Flickr: MDB 28

Three kittens were found from a landfill outside Chicago last week by several employees who were picking through piles of trash when they spotted something moving in the garbage.

The little kittens were trudging through muck at the landfill last Thursday, but it  was too deep to get out. The landfill workers immediately took the kittens out of the area and contacted the Animal Control and Adoption Center to come to rescue. The little ones were then taken to see a veterinarian and given proper medical care. Fortunately the kittens are doing well, healthy though still trying to deal with the trauma and are a bit fearful of people. Their health will continue to be evaluated over the next few days.

Animal Control officers are currently investigating this case, trying to figure out the person responsible for tossing the kittens into the landfill.

In the meantime volunteers are taking turns to get the little ones socialized and hoping they will find a new family to spend this Christmas with.

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