Three Tiny Sister Kitties Get a Second Chance

Three Tiny Sister Kitties Get a Second Chance


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Three tiny stray kittens and their mother were abandoned near a club in Huntville, Alabama but found by the Challenger’s House. The little ones are named Dandelion, Thistle, and Purslane.

"They were in kind of rough shape when they first came here (Their ears were terribly filthy and they’re all getting ointment in their eyes), but they’ve improved quite a lot, and it’s expected that they’ll just keep improving. They’re playful girls, and love chasing each other around, wrestling, and chasing ping pong balls around their room," said Robyn A. on her blog.

"They’re sweet and friendly; every time I walk into the room, their eyes pop open with an almost audible *plink!*, and they run over to greet me," Robyn added.

Dandelion is a beautiful white kitty with blue eyes.

Thistle is a love bug

Purslane is a sweet tortie girl

Nommy time!

The trio today.

If you are interested in giving them a forever home, you can contact the Challenger's House (in Toney, Alabama).

Photos courtesy of Robyn Anderson (updates on the kitties at Love and Hisses).

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