Tips on Recusing Kittens and Care for Orphan Kittens

Tips on Recusing Kittens and Care for Orphan Kittens


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What would you do when you spot a kitten roaming on the street? Would you spring into action to rescue it?

A stray kitten usually indicates there is a litter of kittens somewhere near by, so look around and listen attentively. Once you have located the litter and the mother cat, rescue them and take them to a vet, provide some food and water. If you have trouble trapping the feline critters, call a location rescue organization to help you catch the mother cat. Mother cat can resist your rescue simply because she is trying to protect and ensure the safety of her children.

The mother cat should be spayed to prevent further pregnancy which may once again result in more homeless kittens. Below is a reference that will guide you through the rescue process:

9 steps to rescuing kittens: Step 1, rescue them!

Orphan kittens require special care because of the absence of their mother. We need to step in to substitute as the role of the mother. provides excellent tips and techniques that explain the proper way to care for an orphan kitten.

How to raise an orphaned Babykitten

If the mother cat is not available, kittens' health automatically becomes the biggest concern. We should not feed them cow milk or human baby formula. Instead, we can create a kitty formula with ingredients that can be found at the store:

  • Unflavored gelatin
  • Eggs
  • Corn syrup (light, non-GMO)
  • Plain yogurt
  • Mayonnaise
  • 12-oz. can evaporated milk

For instructions regarding how to make the formula, check out: 9 steps to rescuing kittens: Step 1, rescue them!

A better option to feed the kittens is to purchase commercial kitten milk replacement products such as KMR at the pet store. Use a bottle to feed the kittens. See How to raise an orphaned Babykitten to learn how to correctly feed a kitten.

Kittens need aid to stimulate their elimination. If their mother cat is present, she will lick the anus and genital area with her rough tongue. You can emulate this technique on an orphan kitten by using a warm, wet washcloth and wrap it around your finger. Use your finger as an instrument to replace the mother cat's tongue.

Kittens need a lot of rest to grow, especially after nursing. Provide a quiet environment with warm bedding. If the kittens are going through anxiety issues as a result of the loss of their mother cat, place a ticking clock underneath the bedding. The ticking sound will imitate the mother's heart beats, thus provide a sense of comfort to sooth the kittens.

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