Tortie Kitten is So Happy to Have Family to Hold onto After She Waited Days for Foster Care

Tortie Kitten is So Happy to Have Family to Hold onto After She Waited Days for Foster Care


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A tortie kitten and her two littermates are so happy to have a family to care for them after they waited days at the shelter.

sweet tiny tortieAngel the tortie kittenLaura Malone

Laura Malone, a director of Mini Cat Town (a kitten rescue in San Jose, California), was at a local shelter to pick up a litter of kittens when she came across a trio that also needed rescue. "They arrived to the shelter as unweaned orphaned bottle babies at the same time as my litter of (five) fosters," Laura told Love Meow.

She went home with the five but never stopped thinking about the trio, hoping that a foster volunteer or another fellow rescue would scoop them up soon.

"After a week with my litter of five bottle babies, I could see they seemed healthy and pretty low maintenance, so I decided I could take on more kittens."

tortie purritoShe came to the shelter as an orphan kitten along with her two brothersLaura Malone

She went back to the shelter and immediately noticed the trio that she met a week ago, were still waiting for a foster home. "I never forgot about these three! After a week of no rescue - I pulled them."

At two weeks old, the kittens required round-the-clock feedings and wouldn't have survived nights at the shelter without care. As it turned out, an overnight volunteer, Ana, had stepped in to help before the kittens were taken into Laura's care.

After a week at the shelter, they found a foster family to look after themLaura Malone

Angel Soft, a tiny tortie, had everyone worried from the day she arrived at the shelter. She was very tiny and came with a pair of sad eyes, but as soon as she was wrapped in a towel, she was content and ready to be catered to.

Laura began syringe-feeding the kittens and started them on treatment for some stomach issues. They were given a comfy, warm nest to sleep in and all the attention and love at their fingertips.

kitten scale weightAngel quickly perked up in a home environmentLaura Malone

With a comfortable environment and a whole family to care for them around the clock, Angel quickly perked up.

The trio grew bigger and stronger each day. With their newfound strength, their adventurous and playful side came out in full swing. Angel quickly figured out the litter box and learned to snuggle on her humans' lap.

cute tortie kittenShe got stronger and more active every dayLaura Malone

The sweet tortie would roll around blissfully in her nest after each feeding, waving her tiny paws and trying to get more pets and head scritches.

Watch Angel the kitten in this adorable video:

Angel the tortie

Despite still being very small, Angel is determined to keep up with her brothers, Charmin and Scott, and can hold her own when she wrestles with bigger kitties.

feisty tortie kittenLaura Malone

"Her personality is very calm and mellow which is surprising for a tortie. They have a reputation for being spunky and having tortitude," Laura told Love Meow.

Angel loves the new toys, basket, and all the amenities that come with their playpen, but as soon as she spots an empty lap, she comes running to fill it.

sweet tortie kittenShe has turned into a snuggly lap kitty and a purr machineLaura Malone

"She's very sweet and super cuddly. She is always the first one to crawl onto my lap for cuddles and pets."

Ana, the overnight volunteer, came to visit the trio recently and was overjoyed by the progress they had made.

foster kittensThe trioLaura Malone

"She was so happy to see them all chonky and thriving. She was especially happy to see Angel Soft because the shelter staff was concerned for her when she first arrived."

happy tortie kittenLaura Malone

With the help of many volunteers and a loving foster family, Angel and her brothers are blossoming into healthy, happy teenage cats, and living everyday to the fullest.

Laura Malone

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