White the Beautiful Deaf Kitty

White the Beautiful Deaf Kitty


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White the snow white kitty is hard of hearing. She was born with blue and hazel eyes. Though not all odd-eyed white cats are deaf, White is one of them.

White was adopted by Lu who uses her hands as the prime means of communication. By using body language, White knows right away if Lu calls her to come over.

White has much sharper vision than hearing cats. Because of her deafness, she has adjusted herself to the environment. She is very sensitive to vibrations. When Lu enters the room where White is asleep, she often taps the floor to let her know that she is coming in, so that she will not startle her baby girl.

White loves to be petted. She often walks up to Lu for love and attention. A sense of touch provides smoothingness to many deaf cats.

Even though White cannot hear, she knows when you are talking through vibration. To her, talking is like purring rather than a noise. She enjoys anything that creates similar vibration such as a vacuum cleaner and she'd sit on it when it's on while many other cats would run away from it.

White is strictly an indoor cat but she does not miss the great outdoors by sitting by the window, watching her daily bird TV.

The little snow white is just like any other cats when it comes to play. She loves her toys, cardboard boxes, and bottle caps. Even though she cannot hear, she never feels any different and is perhaps more affectionate because of her love of being petted.

White's world may be quiet, but it is full of colors, vibrance, touch and smell. To Lu, there is nothing cuter than seeing White lazing on her bed, snoozing away.

Photos courtesy of ©Lu You.

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