Why I Like Black Cats

Why I Like Black Cats


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Black cats have had a bad rap stemming from western cultures. They still carry this stigma today which causes many people to shun away from them.

Some people say that shelters should not adopt out black cats on Halloweens in order to prevent malicious individuals from using black cats for satanic rituals or abuse. However, this myth has been debunked by many studies and research. Black cats are not at risk during Halloween in fact if they do not get adopted, there will be a huge pileup of black cats in shelters. Nonetheless, shelters should still be vigilant on every case of adoption particularly on this holiday.

In many countries such as England, Japan, and Australia, black cats are considered to be good luck. Tell us in the Love Meow Facebook page or below in the comment area, why you like black cats. Let us get rid of the stigma for our beloved black cats.

I will start with the first one:

1. Black cats are statistically more friendly than other cats

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