Woman and Her Dog Rescue Kitten Abandoned in Bushes, What a Difference 2 Days can Make!


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A woman and her dog saw someone abandon a tiny kitten and rushed to save her. What a difference two days can make!

Rantipole @rantipoleandfranklin

Rantipole, a traveler, and her dog, Franklin, were walking through Mostar two days ago when they saw a man throwing a kitten into the nearby bushes. In complete disbelief, she and her dog ran to find the kitten. They couldn't catch the man but were able to save the tiny fur baby.

"Franklin and I then got the kitten out of the bushes and we went to the vet," Ranipole said. "Now I'm a cat mom."

The tiny kitten was covered in fleas, had a couple broken bones and an infected eye. After several baths, she was finally on the mend.

Rantipole @rantipoleandfranklin

"Her eyes were completely closed when I found her. Now she can already open both of them," Rantipole said.

Two of her legs are very weak but healing. Franklin the dog watches over his little feline friend.

Rantipole @rantipoleandfranklin

She named her Momo.

"At the moment I just always carry her in a blanket on me."

Rantipole @rantipoleandfranklin

She's caring for the little kitten, nursing her back to health until she can find her a good home.

"Momo has to travel with us soon. So I made a little diaper for her."

Rantipole @rantipoleandfranklin

In just two days, she can open her eyes to see and walk a little better.

What a difference love can do!

Rantipole @rantipoleandfranklin

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