10 Year Old Boy Courageously Saves Cat From Abuse

10 Year Old Boy Courageously Saves Cat From Abuse


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A 10 year old boy Wendell Overton of Manteo, North Carolina received praise from the Outer Banks SPCA for saving a stray cat from a group of bullies.

Wendell Overton

Though Overton is young, he was watching out for the kitty and stood up for his furry friend when he encountered three boys, age 5 - 13, doing horrendous things to the cat.

Wendell courageously stepped in to stop the attack and brought the kitty home to his mother. "Wendell confronted the boys and took the cat home where he and his mother called us," Outer Banks SPCA wrote on Facebook.

The cat, now named Jackson, got some bruising and cuts to his paws, but is expected to make a full recovery thanks to his brave young human friend who rescued him from the abuse.

"Jackson, the cat saved by Wendell's compassion and bravery. He is recovering well, resting comfortably, eating like a king and will be looking for a new home soon," the shelter added. "Wendell and Jackson's story has touched so many hearts already. Words cannot express our gratitude, and I can only imagine how grateful Jackson must be! Thank you both for being heroes. It is truly people like you and Wendell who make the world a better place."

Jackson the cat was saved by Wendell Overton, a courageous 10 year old boy, from bullies

"Thank you for saving me."

Jackson is expected to make a full recovery and is waiting for his forever home at Outer Banks SPCA

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 Source: WVEC.com.

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