15 Cats Have Made Traditional Pub Their Home

15 Cats Have Made Traditional Pub Their Home


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There’s a pub in Britain that has attracted a lot of cat lovers' attention. The place has become home to 15 cats, and each of the kitties guards a spot in the pub, keeping things in order.

Photo by Annie Cee

This cosy traditional pub opens from midday to eleven, has become a favorite of students and office workers. Many regulars come for their feline friends who enjoy spending their time napping on the bar or in the laps of the pub’s customers.

"The reaction is mostly positive. Occasionally you might have some people walking in and leaving and some might be allergic to cats but people love it," Luke Daniels told the Bristol Post.

More info: The Bag of Nails (Bristol) | Facebook

Photo by Ellie Lenton

"It's a proper old fashioned pub. Coming here is all about beer and talking.

"Some of them [the cats] come and sit on your lap."

Photo by Bag of Nails, Bristol

Chris Chapter who goes to the pub after work told the Post: "I particularly like cats. I don't know the cats' names but it's a pretty special place."

Photo by Bag of Nails, Bristol

Malcolm, one of their early residents.

Photo by Bag of Nails, Bristol


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