2 Tuxedo Brothers Find Christmas Blessings

2 Tuxedo Brothers Find Christmas Blessings


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Meet the tuxedo "brothers" who were blessed and given a second chance around Christmas.

"They were found starving & crying up in the mountains around Christmas when they were about 8 weeks old," said Avarie S, animal rescuer and foster parent. Their first home did not work out, so Avarie pulled them out and kept them at her home with her many furry animals until a month later where she found them a family that love them unconditionally. They named them Paulie and Dominic.

Best wishes to all kitties that are waiting for their forever homes. Happy holidays to all furry and human friends!

Tuxedo brothers rescued around Christmas:

Photos by ©Avarie Shevin. Here are the cuddly tuxedo brothers in action.

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