3 Tiny Precious New Borns

3 Tiny Precious New Borns


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Three tiny little fuzzballs came to this world just 2 days ago. Their eyes are not yet opened, but the little buddies squirm their way to their mother, nursing away like champs.

Norma the mama cat was found pregnant by the rescuers. "I picked her up from a humane society on Friday and she had her kittens two days later. She is being such a good mama and the kittens are doing so well," said Lindsey, a nurse and a volunteer at her local animal shelters.

Norma finally gave birth on Sunday afternoon. "She never cried out and purr the whole time except when she was pushing! I was so proud of her. The first one is a sweet little dilute tortie. She took to her right away. The second kitten came pretty quickly after the first, I wasn't prepared for it! About a half hour later the third one was born... The third one is a little cream cutie! After the last one was born she totally relaxed and finally laid down with the babies. I took this as the time to scoop up the kittens and put them in the box. Mom followed then and they cuddled in for the night."

Photos and story courtesy of ©Lindsey. You can follow the kitties' progress at her lovely blog. Here is a photo of mama Norma cuddling her babies:

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