A Tiny Wanderer Strayed into Forever Home

A Tiny Wanderer Strayed into Forever Home


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A little tabby kitten was wandering around the hill, looking for food, but at the end he found love.

"My parents found this poor little thing when they went hiking in the nearby hills. The first time they saw him, he was after a stray dog, begging for care or food. On their way down the hills, the dog was gone, and the kitty was stumbling in the middle of the road," said F.C..

The kind couple couldn't bear to leave the little one out hungry, they took him home and offered him food which he chowed down in a few bites. Ever since that day, little tabby has been living happily in his forever loving home.

Photos by ©F.C. (flickr: foolycooly0409). Those big eyes have touched many people's hearts:

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