Abandoned Kitten Found Love in 2 Bigger Kitties and It Changed Everything, Now a Year Later.

Abandoned Kitten Found Love in 2 Bigger Kitties and It Changed Everything, Now a Year Later.


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A tiny ginger and white kitten was just 10 days old when he was taken to the shelter, looking for someone to love.

Meet Colby!

Stacey @my_foster_babies

Stacey, a fosterer from Nevada, was at the Nevada SPCA No-Kill Animal Shelter when a woman walked in with a tiny kitten that she found outside abandoned by his cat mother.

At the time, Stacey was caring for a rescue cat mom, Tasha, and her two kittens. When she met Colby, she knew right away that the little boy just needed a family.

"The best thing for babies this young is to be with a Mom cat and siblings so I brought this little fella home to see if Tasha would accept him and to see if he would latch and nurse," Stacey said.

Stacey @my_foster_babies

Mama Tasha immediately started cleaning the new kitten as soon as Stacey put him in with her and her babies.

Colby latched on Tasha and started nursing. "He was so hungry when I first got him home that he pretty much nursed constantly for the first few hours. Tasha was attending to this little boy just like he was hers."

Stacey @my_foster_babies

From that day on, little Colby stayed close to his new feline family and the cuddlefest began.

When Colby was not nursing, he was cuddling with his big brothers, Niles and Leo, who are two weeks older.

Stacey @my_foster_babies

Little Colby was very small but he was determined to get bigger and stronger.

He was eating like a champ and would cry for attention from Mama Tasha and his brothers so he would never be alone.

Stacey @my_foster_babies

"He was already gaining weight and loving spending time with his new family," Stacey said.

"When Colby first came home with me, there was definitely some fighting over at the milk bar between the kittens. Colby is a strong and spunky guy and he is willing to fight for food."

Stacey @my_foster_babies

Stacey was supplementing Colby with formula as Tasha's own kittens were getting bigger and less dependent on her.

"Since Colby was behind them, he still had to eat more often. So, three times a day, me and this little heartbreaker had our little routine. He wouldn't take a bottle so I syringe fed him."

Stacey @my_foster_babies

"When we were done, I helped him go potty, wrap him into a comfy blanket burrito and burp him and then he usually fell asleep for a little bit. This pumpkin has such a strong spirit and will. When I kissed him on his little nose and lips, he grabbed my face with his tiny paws and started purring."

The two older brothers took Colby under their wing.

Stacey @my_foster_babies

They always cuddled together. Colby looked up to his brothers and learned everything from them.

"A lot of nights when I walked into the foster room I found all four of them curled up together in this small basket on the top of the cat tree.

"They all stood up so fast I could never get a good picture."

Stacey @my_foster_babies

Watch this cute video of Colby and his foster family:

When they were ready for their forever homes, Niles and Leo were quickly adopted together and renamed Loki and Thor. Their sweet Mama Tasha also found a wonderful home where she is spoiled and loved.

Little Colby found a loving family and a new big brother for life.

Colby and Muenster @colby_roo_and_muenster_too

"Not only did he get adopted into an amazing forever home with his brother Muenster, but now his forever family has started fostering."

Colby and Muenster cuddling nonstop at their forever home.

Colby and Muenster @colby_roo_and_muenster_too

A year later, the sweet little boy is all grown up. He and his brother, Muenster, are completely inseparable.

Colby came to the shelter one and a half years ago, looking for someone to love... now he has a big family with a loving human, a feline brother and a canine friend.

Colby and Muenster @colby_roo_and_muenster_too

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