Abandoned Kitten Meows Nonstop for His Mom Until Woman Comes to the Rescue...


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A tiny abandoned kitten came to the shelter and wouldn't stop crying. A woman heard his plea and knew exactly what he needed...


"I went to a shelter with the intention of adopting an adult cat. My ears were drawn to the screeching of this three week old kitten," reddit user bashiboi said.

The rescuers of the shelter had just saved him that very day. The kitten was found abandoned, dehydrated and he kept meowing loudly nonstop. The mother had left the runt alone and never came back for him.

Knowing that the kitten needed a home, the woman offered to adopt him as she was smitten with the tiny runt. After getting the kitten fed, he stopped crying and instantly fell asleep.


She named him Bashi. For the first time, he didn't have to worry about food and a safe place to stay.

The little kitten loved his food so much that he always cleaned up his plate.


He would cuddle up to his human for a long nap after every meal.

The tiny kitten grew very attached to his human mom and told her how thankful he was by purring up a storm.


Getting bigger, stronger and more playful than ever.


Falling asleep with a smile on his face...


His quirks came out and he began his many antics around the house.

Whenever his human is reading, he wants part of the fun.


At four months, he has filled up his bed and outgrown all his cuddly toys.


That tiny runt who was found alone crying for his mother, has grown into a handsome, cuddly boy.

He's still very vocal, playful and extremely affectionate. He switches his purr motor on loud when his human holds him. It makes him the happiest kitty in the world.


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