Happiness When This Kitten is Saved By His Rescuer


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This man gave a tiny kitten a loving home he always wanted.

This is the moment after he brought him into the car and held him in his arms.

Courtesy: Dilara

"My sister and brother-in-law rescued a kitten. Look at how happy he is!" Dilara said.

The kitten looked into his rescuer's eyes and smiled to him as if he was saying "Thank you for saving me."

Courtesy: Dilara

They brought him home, and he loved the softness of the carpet.

"He and my brother-in-law got along so well and have been inseparable ever since," Dilara told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Dilara

They named him Kaya.

Courtesy: Dilara


All grown up now, he's grown into a beautiful tabby cat, full of purrsonality.

Courtesy: Dilara

Happy little guy!

Courtesy: Dilara

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