Beautiful White Rescue, Softie

Beautiful White Rescue, Softie


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Softie, a beautiful white kitty with two gorgeous blue eyes was found wandering on the street. "My boyfriend picked her up and brought her to me. She was only 3 months old at the time," said Softie's mom.

Softie is very close to the rest of the furry friends in the house. Maybe because they are all rescues and came from being abandoned or lost, they see each other their own best friends and are so bonded that they share and do everything together.

When Softie just arrived in her new home. She quickly adjusted to it and started playing with her younger fur buddies in the house. She is very affectionate to her family and follows her mom around wherever she goes. "She loves to jump to high places. There is no stopping her, but when she is sleeping, the house becomes very quiet."

"She is my precious little girl who deserves to be spoiled and loved. I am so glad that she's found her forever home with us."

Photos courtesy of ©Bobby.

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