Black Cat Grows Magnificent White Winter Mane

Black Cat Grows Magnificent White Winter Mane


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This fluffy kitty surprised her human one winter by growing a magnificent white winter mane. "My black cat unexpectedly grew a white winter mane one year," the human wrote via reddit.

"The vet checked her out but couldn't detect any illness or injury… The mane was in its full glory during our next trip to the vet, and he was once again at a loss to explain what was going on with my cat."

Reddit user OskarMao suggested that his cat "looks like she has a grayish undercoat that filled in magnificently during winter." The human responded: "This is probably right, but there's no apparent rhyme or reason to when or how it will show up from year to year. You can see a little gray around her hind legs in the more recent pic, although those patches didn't appear at all until her black winter coat had grown in, and her mane was always black down to the roots. It's strange that the lighter fur only substantially overwhelmed the black during winter #3 of 4."

"She was 3 when that pic was taken in early 2013 and her most recent winter coat was all black."

Comparison shot from the following winter

Left (2 years old) vs Right (3 years old)

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