Blind Kitten Saved by Man Who Never Gave Up on Her, Then and Now!


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A tiny blind kitten was saved by a kind man who refused to give up despite being told that she wouldn't survive.


Years ago when Mantees was on vacation in the South of Italy, he spotted a tiny kitten desperately crying for help. Upon close inspection, he realized that the kitten's eyes were completely closed out.

"I decided to take care of her during my holiday, so that she would be stronger and more capable to survive when I would leave back home," he said.

More info at @Mantees.


The tiny kitten had trouble walking and couldn't close her mouth normally. She lost her eyes to infection and the vet said that the kitten was too weak and suggested that she wouldn't survive.


But Mantees was determined to save the kitten against all odds. He and his brother started treating her eye infection, ears infection, worms and fever, while keeping her warm and fed every 4 hours. They even taught her to navigate around the house by following the noise of their steps and clapping hands.


After 15 sleepless nights, the kitten got much better but it was time for Mantees to leave. "So I changed my plane reservation to include a pet, and long story short, she is now sleeping in my bed, with the body under my covers and her head on my pillow," he said (reddit)


She was named Skunky and she is all grown up now!


Taking over her human's computer with her best friend.


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