Browser the Library Cat Gets to Stay at the Place He Calls Home


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Browser the beloved White Settlement Public Library Cat will be allowed to stay!

After the City Council's special called meeting on Friday afternoon (July 1), it was voted 3-0 not to evict the cat.

Courtesy: White Settlement Public Library

On June 14, the City Council voted to remove Browser after a city employee pointed out that Browser's residency at the library being unfair as they were not allowed to bring their puppy to work. The motion created an uproar on social media.

Browser the cat came to the library when he was 8 months old and has lived there for 6 years as the Chief Mouse Controller, keeping rodents at bay and bringing smiles to everyone who enters the library.

Watch the video here:

"Browser's future is stay at the White Settlement Library until he goes to the kitty heaven," Mayor Ronald White said (YouTube).

This friendly cat has made quite a contribution to the facility and the people there.

Courtesy: White Settlement Public Library

Major White said the cat was brought into the library for a rodent problem six years ago. Instead of using poison to exterminate the rodents, they decided on a cat.

"We didn't want those books getting into the hands of little children who would then put their fingers in their months," White said via Star-telegram. "The cat seemed like a logical alternative."

Browser will continue his daily duties at the library.

Courtesy: White Settlement Public Library

Browser is there to stay!

Courtesy: White Settlement Public Library

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