Cat Chases Down Mailman Every Day Demanding to Be Loved


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A postman, Levi Davis, from New Zealand Post enjoys his daily mail run in this particular area in the town of Taranaki because a little furry friend comes to see him every day, regardless of the weather.

Levi is met by a friendly tortie cat each day on his delivery route .

"The cat does indeed wait for her postie friend to greet her everyday," New Zealand Post told Love Meow.

She will follow him around the road till he gets to the mailbox, and then jump on his carry basket, demanding some love and attention.

Though Levi doesn't know the name of the cat, she's been a good friend who has never missed a single day when he comes to deliver mail. It's become their special little routine.

The kitty demands pets, and Levi happily obliges.

Watch Levi's little friend as she greets him on his delivery route everyday.

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