Chatty Cat Arrives in Neighborhood Wanting Help, Shortly After Kind Woman Lets Her in, She Has Kittens

Chatty Cat Arrives in Neighborhood Wanting Help, Shortly After Kind Woman Lets Her in, She Has Kittens


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A chatty cat arrived in a neighborhood wanting help. Shortly after a kind woman took her in, she had kittens.

cat mom nursing kittensPanda the catJins Bottle Babies

About two months ago, a black and white cat showed up in an apartment complex meowing up a storm. A kind woman who helps community cats in the area, heard her plea and rushed to her rescue.

The tuxedo was from the local cat colony and turned up heavily pregnant. "The finder noticed she was crying excessively and quickly got her into a carrier and brought her inside," Shelbi Uyehara, founder of Jin's Bottle Babies, shared with Love Meow.

Shortly after bringing the cat indoors, she had her kittens.

cat newborn kittensShe showed up in the neighborhood one day, crying for helpJins Bottle Babies

She was six months old at the time, still a kitten herself, and didn't know what to do when her babies were born. The kind woman assisted her during the birthing process, keeping her at ease.

When Shelbi was contacted about the feline family, she didn't hesitate to help. "We got her the next day and she even accepted two babies in need," Shelbi told Love Meow.

cat mom kittensJins Bottle Babies

"She was very focused on her mother duties and would grumble if I walked into the room to weight them, however, she was always very sweet with me."

When the kittens were around three weeks old, Jen, a foster volunteer, welcomed them into her care. She set up a spacious nursery for the family and provided all the amenities that the cat mom, Panda, would need.

tuxedo cat snuggles kittensJins Bottle Babies

Panda continued to be a champion mother, taking great care of her litter, talking to them constantly and catering to their every whim.

"We were so lucky we had space and could take her. We love helping people who are working hard to get their neighborhood's community cats fixed to break the cycle," Jen shared with Love Meow.

cat mom hugs kittenJins Bottle Babies

Panda was pleased with the new arrangements except for housekeeping which she was wary of at first but gradually became accustomed to. "Living indoors was new to her. She's got some learning to do on how to be a pampered indoor lady."

The kittens were getting bigger and more active each day. They started to learn to use their legs to explore and wrestle, exercising their prowess.

kittens cat mom snuggle napJins Bottle Babies

"Panda wanted everyone to be on their bed where she could see them. At first, she'd get nervous when I'd take a baby out of the bed to weigh them, watching carefully. But then she learned that we were all here to help her."

Soon, Panda relaxed and began taking more breaks to hang out with her foster mom. "She is the sweetest girl who loves being pet and getting head scritches."

tuxedo cat snugglyPanda loves attention and head scritchesJins Bottle Babies

It took Panda some time to learn to play with certain toys, get used to new noises and experiences and realize that she could lounge on a comfy couch with her people.

"She was running around my living room exploring yesterday like she owned the place. I love watching the mama cats get used to living indoors and become comfortable," Jen shared. "Kittens think they own everything from the start."

tuxedo cat mom pandaJins Bottle Babies

Panda is very talkative and can hold a conversation with her humans. "She is the chattiest cat, always chirping and trilling."

She has transitioned every step of the way, and her kittens have bloomed into healthy, happy younglings. "She's a great mama but I'm very glad this is her only litter so she can enjoy being a kitten herself."

cute fluffy kittens snugglyJins Bottle Babies

Panda showed up in the apartment complex crying for help and ended up changing her life and her kittens'. She's loving the cushy indoor life and all the attention she can get.

beautiful tuxedo cat, panda catJins Bottle Babies

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