Cat Demands Cuddles from His Dad Every Morning Before Work for Almost 10 Years

Cat Demands Cuddles from His Dad Every Morning Before Work for Almost 10 Years


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F. Linderman (@flinderman76) saved a kitten named Tigger 10 years ago. When she introduced him to her dad, the two instantly bonded.

"He has to lay like this for at least 30 minutes before dad goes to work for the day," Linderman said.

F. Linderman u/flinderman76

Linderman's father is a contractor. He leaves for work at around eight every morning. By 7:30AM, Tigger is sitting on his lap, purring away. "If he doesn't get his cuddles, he will pout all day till he gets home," Linderman wrote.

When he comes home for lunch, Tigger will run to the room to greet him. As soon as he sits down, the tabby boy jumps on his lap and throws himself back into his arms.

Even when he has errands to run, he will wait because he doesn't want to wake up Tigger. "My dad will say he can't do something because Tig is sleeping (in his lap)."

F. Linderman u/flinderman76

Linderman Found Tigger under the wheel well of a truck in the parking lot where she worked. "The owner of the truck rode over 30 miles up there, lucky kitty. He was only about five weeks old when I found him."

She bottle fed the kitten, and he never left her side and would sleep on her pillow at night. "He gets very anxious when he is left alone for any extended amount of time, so I used to take him everywhere with me."

But that began to change when she introduced Tigger to her father.

F. Linderman u/flinderman76

"My dad had always tried to steal him when they would visit me at my house. But after about a month of us being at their house, my dad and Tig had really bonded. When I moved back out, dad said Tig was now his," she wrote.

After seeing how close they had become, she couldn't separate them. "My dad is a great guy and loves animals. He has even built an enclosure that goes off the sunporch for him and his siblings to enjoy the outside a bit. He's very spoiled."

F. Linderman u/flinderman76

Tigger follows his dad everywhere around the house. The two are completely inseparable.

"My dad went to Denver to do some work for a couple weeks, two years ago. (When he got back), he said next time he was taking Tig with him. I think he missed Tig more than my mom."

F. Linderman u/flinderman76

Tig and his human dad share an unbreakable bond.

"They would spend the whole day like this if my dad didn't have to work," Linderman said.

F. Linderman u/flinderman76

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