Cat So Happy She Finds Comfortable Place for Her Kittens, Even Lets Sweet Dogs Kitten-sit Them

Cat So Happy She Finds Comfortable Place for Her Kittens, Even Lets Sweet Dogs Kitten-sit Them


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A cat was so happy that she landed a comfortable place for her kittens. She even let the resident dogs kitten-sit them.

cat mom kittensAngelica and her kittens@ilckenzoo

Angelica was a young cat mom with three sickly kittens when they were brought into a county shelter a few weeks ago. She was stressed in the shelter environment, and they all needed lots of care and TLC.

AnimalLuvr's Dream Rescue took them in and arranged for a foster home, so the mama could have a dedicated carer to cater to their needs, and a comfortable place to raise her babies.

A foster volunteer, Allison Ilcken, welcomed the family of four into her loving home.

shelter kittensThe kittens were sickly when they were rescued@ilckenzoo

"Even though she cowered in the back of her carrier on the way home, and was reluctant to come out, she was every bit of sweet that you could ever imagine," Allison shared with Love Meow.

When Angelica worked up her courage to explore her new space, she was pleased with everything she touched and sniffed. In no time, she settled in her cozy, warm bed with her trio.

happy cat pawsAngelica was so happy to be in a foster home. She kept purring and kneading@ilckenzoo

Once the stress was gone, then came thunderous purrs. Angelica was equipped with a powerful purr engine. She switched it on when Allison was around, and kept running it nonstop.

Two of the kittens, Philip (black and white) and Peggy (grey and white) had severe upper respiratory infections, and Hamilton (tuxedo) was treated for worms. Mama Angelica also needed relief for a fever and mastitis.

cat kitten sweetAngelica and Hamilton@ilckenzoo

Angelica continued doling out unconditional love to her trio while being looked after by her caring foster mom. After a few days of great care, they began to make improvements, and their playful side emerged.

When they were ready to socialize, Allison slowly introduced them to her cat-friendly dogs. At first, Angelica was unsure about these giant 4-legged friends, but that soon changed.

kittens snuggly dogPhilip and Peggy hanging out with Olive the resident dog@ilckenzoo

With a bit of time and positive interactions, Angelica warmed up to her canine friends. The dogs were very gentle and kind to her littles, letting them crawl all over them and even nurse on their bellies. Mama Angelica was thrilled to have some helpers.

Peggy who is the bravest and most outgoing littermate, took the first steps towards the canine kitten-sitters. Soon her siblings followed suit.

kitten cute dogPeggy and Hope@ilckenzoo

"I would give them a little time with the dogs every day, and now they are purring when they see them, and like to rub against their legs and snuggle," Allison told Love Meow.

Angelica is an attentive, doting mom, but she is still a kitten at heart and absolutely loves to play.

kittens dog sweetOlive takes kitten-sitting very seriously@ilckenzoo

Whenever the dogs are there to watch the kittens, she will enjoy some peace-and-quiet, getting attention from her people and being sweet as can be.

The little ones have learned to play just like their mama. They often roughhouse together, romping around like they own the place.

kitten snuggling dogPhilip and Olive@ilckenzoo

"Angelica has found her voice, and it's very soft and sweet. She loves company. She comes into our bedroom for snuggles and extra attention," Allison shared.

"She flops down on the floor and waits for scratches and praises and treats."

cat playing with kittenAngelica loves to play@ilckenzoo

The trio have come such a long way since they were rescued as sickly kittens. They are now healthy, adventurous, and very playful.

kittens cat treePeggy, Hamilton, Philip@ilckenzoo

The family of four are ready for their next chapter in life. Two of the kittens have found a wonderful family that will love and spoil them forever.

sweet cat kitten snugglingAngelica and Hamilton@ilckenzoo

Peggy and her brother Hamilton have been adopted as a pair.

bonded kittensPeggy and Hamilton@ilckenzoo

Mama Angelica hopes that she and her remaining kitten, Philip, will soon find their happily-ever-after, where they will be cherished and loved endlessly.

kitten cat momPhilip and Angelica@ilckenzoo

Angelica is living vivaciously each day, playing her heart out like a kitten. Her canine friends are always happy to lend a helping paw whenever the cat family needs a cuddle.

sweet talkative cat@ilckenzoo

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