Cat Hops onto Warm Laps Each Day and Has Waited Nearly a Year for Someone to Take Her Home

Cat Hops onto Warm Laps Each Day and Has Waited Nearly a Year for Someone to Take Her Home


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A cat hops onto warm laps each day and has waited nearly a year for someone to take her home.

lap cat cuddleAllie the lap catCommunity Cat Club

A tabby cat named Allie came to Community Cat Club last August for a chance at a better life. She had lived in an office space in Philadelphia for some time, warming every lap she came across, until the new management arrived and decided to remove her.

"She almost ended up at the city shelter but luckily we intervened," Sara Sharp, the founder of the rescue, shared. "She loves her humans so much. She has a degree in snuggling and biscuit making."

Allie didn't enjoy being on the adoption floor among other cats. She was used to roaming around the office, walking up to people, and rubbing her whole body against their legs. No one stopped at her kitty condo, so she was transferred to a foster home.

tabby cat AllieShe had lived in an office space for a while before she was brought in to the rescueCommunity Cat Club

The friendly feline quickly settled into the home environment. As soon as she got a room to herself and a human to keep her company, she curled up on them and started to cuddle. All she wanted to do was wrap her arms around their lap and fall asleep.

Allie has a cute nub tail and an insatiable need for attention. She makes sure to fill every empty lap in the room and no one will be left out. "She loves pets and will rub against you all day for attention."

tabby lap catAll Allie wants to do is sit on a warm lap and fall asleepCommunity Cat Club

"She has proven to be the most perfect companion. Allie is extremely affectionate and absolutely swoons over every human she meets. She is a huge fan of laps and naps (and both together if possible)."

Allie greets her foster family every morning with a cute conversation followed by snuggles and cuddles galore. "She is a very chatty girl and will tell when it's time for her wet food," Sara shared with Love Meow.

affectionate tabby catShe adores her people and gives them lots of kissesCommunity Cat Club

After getting a full belly, she jumps onto a warm lap, cranks up her purr motor, gives plenty of head bunts and kisses before she flops down for a snooze.

Watch Allie the cat in this cute video:

Allie the

This major love-bug wants nothing more than being with her people all day long. She is about eight years old, and has been a diligent lap warmer likely her whole life.

tabby lap catAllie is an adorable lap hoggerCommunity Cat Club

"She loves her humans so much. She does prefer to be the only pet in the house because she wants all the attention on her."

Allie likes to follow her people around, and is always ready to swoop in for a cuddle.

sweet tabby catCommunity Cat Club

After nearly 11 months of waiting, the tabby cat has received little adoption interest. The sweet girl is more than ready to have a place of her own and provide endless lap warming to her forever humans.

dapper tabby catCommunity Cat Club

"Allie is one of our longest residents. All she wants is someone to hang out and cuddle with. Her only request is that she be your one and only."

cat with bowtieCommunity Cat Club

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