Cat Takes to Kitten, Happiest Little Scooter, and Showers Him with Love

Cat Takes to Kitten, Happiest Little Scooter, and Showers Him with Love


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A kitten whose lower body is paralyzed, finds the sweetest feline friend to help him thrive.

kitten, special needs, cat, cuddlesHaley Waugh

A kitten named Perry was found in a rose bush and brought to the Front Street Animal Shelter (in Sacramento, California) for a chance at a better life.

He came to the shelter with paralysis in his hind legs. Despite it all, he was the happiest little kitten from the start, scooting around in his kennel, seeking attention from staff and visitors.

Haley Waugh, Volunteer Program Leader at Front Street Animal Shelter, came to meet the little guy and was instantly smitten. "He sat at the front of the kennel so he could peek out and meow at me and the other cats," Haley shared with Love Meow.

She brought the kitten home so he could continue healing in a comfortable environment. The sweet feline quickly proved to be a cuddle-bug. Soon after arrival, he scooted his way to his foster mom and crawled into her lap for a nap.

cute, kitten, gray catHaley Waugh

Perry is a happy little scooter, who uses his front legs to help him get around. He adores his people and other animals and insists on being near them at all times. The vocal little kitty is never shy of voicing his demands and won't take no for an answer.

To accommodate his every need, for a while, Haley carried him around in a comfy pouch when she worked. "I've never had a kitten that literally always wants to be by my side."

special kitten, cuteHaley Waugh

Knowing how much Perry craves a companion, Haley introduced him to her resident cat, Tortellini, who immediately took to him and started cuddling.

"Their friendship is adorable. They wrestle nonstop and Perry scoots after Tortellini whenever she runs off. They eat their meals together, sleep in the same bed at night and play," Haley told Love Meow.

cuddle, cat, kittenHaley Waugh

Just like Perry, Tortellini is a rescue who came to the shelter with an extreme head tilt. "She used to fall in spirals when she jumped down from things. She still has the tilt when she's looking up or down."

The sweet tabby seems to know exactly what the kitten needed. She keeps him company and showers him with love.

cuddles, cute cat, kittenHaley Waugh

Out of all the fosters that Tortellini hangs out with, she is the closest with Perry. They share a bed together and do the same things around the house as a duo.

"Tortellini is great with all the fosters, but really took to Perry," Haley added.

best friends, cat, kittenHaley Waugh

The amazing little kitten has learned to climb up to Haley's bed and conquered two stairs all by himself. With all the cuddles and love from his foster sister, he has really blossomed and is ready for his next chapter in life.

After a long journey in foster care, Perry's dream has finally come true.

kitten, cute cat, fosterHaley Waugh

A former vet tech who has three special needs cats of her own, is in the process of adopting this special boy.

"Perry acts like nothing is different about him. He rolls, plays, climbs and has so much fun. When I walk into the room, he scoots all the way over to me and just starts purring as soon as he's picked up."

box cat, cute kittenHaley Waugh

"I've been letting him stay with my cats all the time, and last night he pulled himself up into the bed to cuddle with me. I think it's his way of saying thank you," Haley said.

"Although I will miss him, I am so excited to give him a future with an owner who will love him and spoil him much more than I could. It's so special to know that because I had a part in his story, he now gets to go live an incredible life."

special needs, kitten, fosterHaley Waugh

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Little Perry demands attention right meow!

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