Cat Left Behind with Four Kittens in Apartment Building is So Grateful When Woman Extends Help

Cat Left Behind with Four Kittens in Apartment Building is So Grateful When Woman Extends Help


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A cat was found abandoned with her four kittens in an apartment building. She kept her babies safe until help arrived.

cat mom and kittensLuna the cat mom and her four kittensTiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue

A feline family of five were rescued from a difficult situation after they had been left behind in an apartment. Mellissa, the founder of Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue (in Ontario, Canada), saw a plea for help from a fellow rescuer and offered to take them in.

"Their family abandoned them in that rough living space after they moved to a different province. Luna (the cat mom) and her babies were left to fend for themselves," Mellissa shared with Love Meow.

Luna was so hungry that she wolfed down an entire bowl of food upon arrival at her foster home. Once she was satiated, she headed right back to tending and nursing her demanding babies.

cat mom and kittensThey were found left behind in an apartmentTiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue

Despite the ordeal, Luna was so friendly and happy to everyone she came across. She was very pleased with her clean, spacious new digs and all the soft blankets and food within reach.

"They simply deserve so much better than (the situation where they came from)."

sweet cat mom, nursing kittensLuna is very friendly and loves everyoneTiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue

"Luna is truly the sweetest cat I have yet to rescue. She's extremely affectionate and social. She really loves everyone and everything," Mellissa told Love Meow.

Whenever Mellissa cleans the room, Luna will patiently wait at the door until all is done, then walk up to her foster mom for attention and pets.

sleepy kittens, nursing catThey are an adorable little familyTiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue

"She wants to be near me at all times. She is obsessed with me. I wonder if she was starved of attention in her previous home because she cannot seem to get enough."

Luna is a wonderful mother to her kittens (three boys and one girl) and keeps them full and clean from head to tail.

sleepy kittenLux the kitten falls asleep anywhere he finds fitTiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue

All four kittens are thriving in foster care and hitting one milestone after another. They are starting to eat from a bowl on their own, and getting more playful and mischievous each day.

sweet tiny kittenLiam the kittenTiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue

Lainey the tabby and only girl in the litter is the sassiest of all. She demands extra nursing time with her mom, and insists on using the big kitty litter box (that is taller) instead of the kitten-sized ones.

"She bounces around the kitten room, full of energy."

tabby kittenLainey the tabby is the only girl in her litterTiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue

"Luna met my resident cat, Leia. She was incredibly happy, brushed up onto her the second they met! Luna is so friendly that she needs some time away from the kitten room and her babies," Mellissa shared with Love Meow.

"As Luna is incredibly outgoing, so are her kittens. The second I sit down in the room, they're all on my lap!"

lap kittens, snuggly catsAll five of them enjoy snuggling with their foster momTiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue

Now that the kittens are growing more independent, Luna is getting more me-time. She is eager to be the center of attention that she ought to be.

cute kittensLap kittensTiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue

"It'll be so exciting for her when she's done with her mama duties, so she can be spayed and live as a spoiled house cat," Mellissa told Love Meow.

"This girl is such an angel! She's the most easy going cat I have ever met! Whoever gets to adopt her will truly be lucky!"

beautiful catSweet LunaTiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue

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