Cat Walked Up to Woman for Help So All Her Kittens Would Have Their Happily Ever After

Cat Walked Up to Woman for Help So All Her Kittens Would Have Their Happily Ever After


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A stray cat arrived on the porch of a family and asked for help, so her kittens could have better lives.

adorable kittensHunter the kitten and his siblingsJen

A friendly stray showed up outside a resident's home in Arizona, begging for food. Sandy, the homeowner, noticed the cat's large belly and suspected that she was pregnant.

She opened the door and the cat strutted right in. A few days later, Sandy was stunned to find not just one but five new additions in the house. Hoping to get them the best care, Sandy reached out to her local rescue, Jin's Bottle Babies for help.

Jen, a fosterer of the rescue, took them on with open arms. "When I went to pick them up, the cat mom (named Jade) walked right up to me for chin scratches," Jen shared with Love Meow.

cat and baby kittensJade the cat mom and her babiesJen

The mother cat quickly settled into her new digs and was eager to be loved. "Besides being one of the best mamas, she's also just a very sweet girl. If the babies weren't nursing, she got up and followed me around chirping."

Hunter, the biggest kitten of the bunch, was a mama's boy. He was brave, vocal, adventurous and the first to figure out the litter box.

smiling kittenHunter was the biggest kitten of his litterJen

Hunter became quite the mischief-maker and kept his mom on her toes. He mastered the art of escapade, and no playpen could stop him from venturing out.

Jade was a great mom to her demanding five and catered to their every need. She would come running if a kitten cried for her attention, and shower them with licks, cuddles, and unconditional love.

cat mom and cuddly kittensJade cuddling with her demanding kittensJen

It took Jade a little while to adjust completely to indoor life. She was once wary of furniture and would sleep on the floor despite how much she wanted to snuggle with her humans.

Over time, her confidence grew and she was no longer afraid of anything in the house. Hunter was always around Jade, trying to get her to play and wrestle.

Jade and HunterJen

When it came time for adoption, Jen hoped to pair mama Jade with one of her kittens, so she would always have a baby to share her happily ever after with.

Watch their journey in this cute video:

Jade the cat and her

"Hunter's favorite toy is Jade's tail. I always try to send kittens home with their favorite toy if possible, and in this case, Hunter would be getting his wish," Jen wrote.


It didn't take long for the right family to come along. They fell head over heels for Jade and her son, and welcomed them both into their loving home.

With the remaining four, Jen couldn't decide on the pairings, so she listed them on one profile, expecting that they would go in pairs. But little did she know that the four were meant to stay together.

cat mom and kitten bondedJade and Hunter (now Liam) adopted together@jade_and_liam

"I was expecting the first approved adopter to pick the pairs for me. I never imagined that the adopter would say, 'Four please.'"

As it turned out, the perfect home was waiting for the quartet all along. It was the first quadruple adoption at Jin's Bottle Babies.

kitten quartet, kittens in tiny bedThe remaining four kittens also got adopted togetherJen

"They came with a touch of luck all along, from Jade finding the perfect person to take her in, to having a safe birth, to Hunter going with his most favorite Jade to their forever home, and to all four of the other kids finding their home together," Jen shared with Love Meow.

Hunter (now Liam) rules the roost at his new home, while mama Jade puts up with his shenanigans. They nap together and are never far from each other.

Jade and Liam at their forever loving home@jade_and_liam

"These two have always made me laugh, the little comedy duo. Liam is going to be a barnacle on Jade's butt for life — an adorable little barnacle," Jen shared.

"I'm so excited this girl chose the house she did, and then was able to make her way to us. Now, she can retire from motherhood and be a pampered house princess for a very lucky family."

Happy and loved@jade_and_liam

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