Cats Bring Luck to Local Businesses in Japan

Cats Bring Luck to Local Businesses in Japan


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In Japan, besides finding cats at cafe, they are everywhere from small shops to various stores. Cats symbolize good fortune in the Japanese culture. Stores often place a Maneki Neko (Beckoning Cat) statue or ornament at the front door as a way to bring in more customers. Many cats get to run the store or restaurant alongside their humans.

Photographer nekojimakeibu from Flicker travels to Tokyo, Kumamoto and a few other cities, and along the way, he meets a lot of friendly kitties at various mom and pop shops, grocery stores and restaurants.

 Cat cafe in Kumamoto

Grocery shop in Kumamoto

Napping in the display window with stuffed animals in Tokyo

Joining the customers at a restaurant in Tokyo

Book store in Kumamoto

Barbershop in Kumamoto

Japanese style bar in Tokyo

Sushi Cat in Kumamoto

Sweet Potato shop in Tokyo

Grocery shop in Okinawa:

Futon shop in Tokyo

Toy shop in Tokyo

Liquor store in Tokyo

Drinking customers' water in Kumamoto

Stationary store in Tokyo

Cat cafe in Tokyo

Wine and tea shop in Tokyo

Traditional sweet shop in Tokyo

Hanging out with a craftsman at his work studio in Tokyo

Photos by nekojimakeibu.

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