Cats Explain Mathematics in a Purrfect Way! (10+ pics)

Cats Explain Mathematics in a Purrfect Way! (10+ pics)


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We can explain math with a little help from our feline friends. Somehow this makes more sense than the text books.

These elegant creatures naturally possess the intellect to conceptualize math in a way like no others. Math is often puzzling to our human mind but these kitties can see right through it. It proves that cats are purrfect!

Expawnentials or [ cat , [ cat ] ]

Photo: nightwolf


Photo: elee0228

Geometry cat demonstrates ACute angle!

Photo: TallT66

Cuteness is immeasurable!


Purrfect tangent to a curve.

Photo: petedog

Isosceles cat has acute nose


Purrfect infinity

Photo: Marmoe

Isosceles kitty is not right.


Fibonacci's Cat

Photo: naux/boredpanda

The Furbonacci Sequence

Photo: songbardbird/boredpanda

Furbonacci Sequence proves that cats are purrfect!

Photo: thecheat420/boredpanda

Cat math never fails!

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